PersonaVerified - keep your twitter bot-free

Are you ever on Twitter and find yourself speed scrolling past hundreds of tweets?

This was me when I realized if I could just streamline who I'm following, real people discussing topics I'm interested in, that Twitter would be incredibly more enjoyable.

From this came the tedious process of combing through those I had been following and for each one deciding, "are they real or not?" "Are they worthy of my attention?" "Does this person have anything to contribute?"

I took the attributes I was considering in my decision making process and created a unique and amazingly accurate algorithm for weighing prospects.

The algorithm not only reveals if a person on Twitter is real but, what kind of person they are.

My new algorithm was able to make clear for me

  • What they like to talk about.
  • How they like to engage.
  • How often they engage.

This along with some other info it uncovers helps to immediately decide whether or not to follow someone. is the beginning of making our new algorithm available to the masses. Ultimately it will become your automated social detective.