The Agent Platform - every realtors toolkit to stay safe and thrive

The Agent Platform, T.A.P, is every Realtors tookkit for staying safe and thriving

With Real Estate Agent assaults on the rise, we've focused our efforts first and foremost in ensuring the safety of Real Estate Agents.

Being a realtor is one of the few professions which requires that you consistently put yourself in a vulnerable situation. Showing an empty home alone is dangerous but also necessary to be successful.

With the introduction of our Safe Realtor System, any Real Estate Agent with a cellphone can feel confident in knowing that even though you are showing alone, you are never really alone.

Using a virtual buddy system, Safe Realtor alerts a point of contact if you fail to check in after your showing.

As a member of The Agent Platform, any Real Estate Agent can start using the Safe Realtor System immediately.

After you setup your T.A.P account for Safe Realtor, operating the system is simple:

The Safe Realtor Hotline for Call or Texting is 973-509-6909

  • Call or text the Safe Realtor hotline, 973-509-6909, before you go to a showing
  • Tell the system how long you plan to be on your showing

When texting the hotline, start by texting the hotline the telephone number of your emergency contact

That's it! You're now under the monitoring of the Safe Realtor System.

If you fail to check-out at your preset time, the Safe Realtor System will call you to verify you are ok. If you don't verify that you are safe, the Safe Realtor System will call your emergency contact repeatedly until you are safe.

Your safety should be your top priority, the Safe Realtor System is available on The Agent Platform and it makes it easy to stay safe.

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