- The first currency of you...

Update: the technology behind has been migrated over to a more complete offering...more news coming soon. came to us from the realization that everyone is captalizing on social except those that are the eco-system. The Joe's and Jane's who engage, teach, learn, and grow with their following.

It's a digital currency very unlike any X-coin you hear of today. You'll "mine" your cowry via your engagement with, and your impact on, your following.

What is a Cowry?

  • A cloud-based social currency
  • It's 100% secure
  • Acceptable on any website or blog with one simple step
  • Transferrable to your favorite currency via a unique marketplace
  • Available in 2014

Why Cowry?

Cowry shells are not only known as the longest used currency in history but also the most widely used.

Cowry shells are shells of a mollusks that were widely available in the waters of the Pacific and Indian Ocean. They were first used as currency in China during the Shang dynasty. The main advantage of Cowry shells are that it is almost impossible to forge them.

Cowry shells are as unique and hard to duplicate as you are; for that reason we choose Cowry as the new currency of you.